XML integration for all travel contents

The process of booking accommodation for a holiday or business trip can be a complicated one, which takes up a great deal of time. Every destination has numerous hotel options, each of which offers varying quality, pricing, facilities and availability. And it's this very diversity which makes it so tough to find just what you're looking for quickly and efficiently.

Our XML has been created bearing in mind the challenges that small- and medium-sized travel agents face when selecting hotels for their customers. Not only should the interface be a user friendly one, but all the information, including pricing and availability, must be presented in real time.

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XML Features

Access to excellent hotel rates and last minute specials in the destination currency or your local currency.
Flexibility to re-order or filter hotel search results by price, star rating, location, alphabetically by name or by availability.
Interactive maps enabling you to view hotel locations and facilities and check the position of the hotel in relation to tourist attractions, trade fairs and transport terminals.
Access to a wider choice of hotels including independent and international chains via a dynamic connection.
Rich content with quality hotel images and information including videos and virtual tours.
Easy to manage bookings and direct communication with our reservations and operations team, Emergency contact numbers available for your customers around the clock.
Downloadable tariff reports to assist you in preparing your own pricing and brochure content.

XML Benefits

Business Expansion

Once you have integrated the Darina Holidays XML with your website, you and your customers will have instant access to our large inventory of accommodation options. With such a vast range and variety of hotels available, and with such and easy-to-use platform, your business will automatically start to attract new customers and encourage existing customers to return more often.


Using our XML Connect makes the task of arranging the accommodation aspect of a holiday much simpler. Supplier will find this job a whole lot easier with the ability to search a huge number of hotels instantly, and book them quickly.

Cost Saving

The ease and simplicity with which hotel searches can be carried out, and the very nature of the real time pricing and availability, will ensure time is saved leading to a reduction in operational costs. The integration with Darina XML Connect it self is provided for a one-time fee, and means that no further outlay will be required at a later date.

Time Saving

Access to the technical specifications and support documentation for the XML Connect is via the web so you can start developing as soon as you receive access credentials from us. Faster booking confirmations. No more duplicate data entry for your bookings.

Easy to Use

Provides access to desired content, availability, pricing and functionality in one platform to deliver wide-ranging choices and the best traveler experiences. And also less scope for human errors with a reduction in double handling.

Rich Media Contents

Through XML Connect supplier can get high quality hotel images, hotel videos and in most of the cases 360 degree virtual hotel tours. Now you have the confidence to let your customers know what to expect.