Sharjah, which shares its southern border with Dubai, is ruled by the Al Qasimi family. It is approximately 2,600 square kilometres and is the only emirate to have coastlines on both the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.

In the nineteenth century the town of Sharjah was the leading port in the lower Gulf. Produce from the interior of Oman, India and Persia arrived there. Sharjah’s salt mines meant that salt constituted an important part of its export business, along with pearls.

Sharjah is a lively and exciting city, with interesting artefacts and monuments located at every corner, reflecting perfect harmony between the past and present. The City Sightseeing Sharjah tour buses provide tourists and visitors a novel way to discover all its charms and its rich cultural heritage. This unique service facilitates visiting and exploring Sharjah’s stunning tourist attractions in the best possible way.

A day on the on this ‘Hop-on-Hop-off’ double decker bus tour allows visitors to take in the most enjoyable and memorable experiences in Sharjah, as it plies across all the emirate’s famous landmarks. The tour starts from Al Majaz Waterfront, the newest tourist destination in Sharjah, with a wide variety of leisure facilities including restaurants/cafés and great attractions such as, Mini Golf, Splash Park and indoor and outdoor play areas in addition to the breath-taking multimedia Sharjah Fountain. Them, it goes through Al Khan Corniche until the Sharjah Aquarium and the Maritime Museum which is home to 250 different aquatic species, many of them rare.

Local Attractions

Sharjah Islamic Culture Capital Monument 2014: The Sharjah Islamic Culture Capital memorial rises 42 meters and the podium occupies an area of 650 square meters, while the total area of the base that carries the highest column monument is 50 square meters.

Al Majaz Amphitheatre: Dubbed the official venue of the Sharjah Capital of Islamic Culture (SICC) 2014 Celebrations, Al Majaz open-air Roman-style amphitheater is the first in the region.

Eye Of The Emirates: Stands out as one of the most prominent landmarks in Sharjah. This giant ferris wheel is 60 meters high, which gives visitors a chance to view Sharjah, as well as parts of Dubai, from its 42 air-conditioned cabins which allow a view of up to 30 miles around.

Central Souk: Think of 'shopping in Sharjah' and the Central Souk springs to mind. Open since 1979, the legendary Central Souk is the most famous souk in Sharjah and is a must-see destination for all shoppers. Discover an extraordinary collection of handicrafts, brilliant in colour and magnetic in appeal.

The Flag Island: Located in the city of Sharjah opposite the corniche area. The flagpole on Flag Island is the 7th tallest flagpole in the world, where the UAE flag is flying on a 123 metre-high pole, and holds a flag of 15 x 30 meters.

Souk Al Arsah: Step back in time and visit the peaceful air-conditioned alleyways of the covered market, probably the oldest market place in the UAE, designed with solid wooden doors, beautiful coral brick walls and hanging lanterns.

Sharjah Maritime Museum: The Sharjah Maritime Museum was first opened in the Heritage Area in early 2003 to highlight the maritime life of the UAE. However, due to the importance of the sea and its significance in the region’s heritage, the museum was expanded and relocated in Al Khan in 2009.

Al Noor Mosque

Designed in classic Ottoman style, Al Noor’s cascade of domes and two soaring minarets dominate the skyline of Sharjah. The interior is just as spectacular, with calligraphic inscriptions from the Holy Qur’an and intricately decorated domes, arches and pillars.

On the tour you’ll learn about Islamic and local culture, and be able to ask plenty of questions. Remember to dress modestly (shoulders covered and no shorts or skirts above the knee) and bring your camera, as photography is allowed inside the mosque.